Central America

Projects in Central America

Photographs by Patrick Burgeff 1

México Alternativo

Alternative Mexico preserving and promoting Mexico City's heritage resources, based on social and national values, using a mobile application (App) for iOS and Android devices…

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Conserving Indigenous Memories of Land Privatisation in Mexico: Michoacán’s Libros de Hijuelas, 1719-1929

In the 19th century, Mexico underwent the process of privatisation of indigenous lands. The process was recorded through the hijuelas – deed books. The books were physically a…

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Leaders and Militants of Mexican Anarchism - The Flores Magón Trace in Buried Archives

The story of the Flores Magon brothers, anarchists in Mexico's community of Melchor Ocampo, has remained a local myth until the discovery of materials collected by radical act…

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Visualizing Memory: Indigenous Resistance in Chiapas, Mexico 1998-2009

The Chiapas Media Project/Promedios archive holds nearly 200 hours worth of documentary and interview footage capturing the struggles of southern Mexico's indigenous populatio…

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GCRF Cultural Heritage Project Hub

The GCRF Cultural Heritage Hub is an interdisciplinary consolidator project coordinated by the University of St Andrews. Led by the main Principal Investigator Dr Richard Bat…

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Motorcycling as Peacebuilding in Liberia

Ex-combatant and conflict-affected youth make up the vast majority of Liberia’s 175,000 motorcycle taxi drivers. Motorcycling emerged after Liberia’s civil war as a critical e…

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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Mexico, San Cristóbal de Las Casas Archive

An earthquake and a subsequentinsect termite infestation are affecting the religious, historical archive of the San Critóbal de las Casas Archive in Chiapas, Mexico.

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Conservation of the 18th-Century Altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary at Comayagua Cathedral

This project involves the conservation of the elaborately carved and gilt Altarpiece of the Virgin of the Rosary, including its several oil and embossed paintings on wood and…

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Conservation of the Ancient City of Cihuatan, Phase 2

This project builds upon work completed under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant and involves the conservation of two ball courts and three building platforms.

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