Projects in Egypt


Deir al Surian Projects

This project aims to conserve manuscripts within the Deir al Surian monastery in Egypt. Coptic and Arabic manuscripts will be conserved, catalogued and photographed.

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Department aes circulatingartefacts1

Circulating Artefacts: A Cross-Platform Alliance Against the Looting of Pharaonic Antiquities

The British Museum aims to create a new database of Egyptian and Nubian artefacts currently in circulation on the international art market, and those held in private collectio…

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Coptic culture

Coptic Culture Conservation Collective (CCCC)

This project aims to create an archive of contemporary Coptic intangible cultural heritage whilst building local communities' capacity for long term heritage preservation.

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Rescuing the Mamluk Minbars of Cairo

This year-long project focusses on the research, documentation and conservation of Mamluk minbars in Historic Cairo.

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