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Eap 1106

Preservation of the unique heritage: manuscripts and books in private collections of Old Believers of Transbaikalia

The literature of Transbaikalia’s Old Believers defines the identity of the Russian population in a multicultural and polyconfessional region. The preservation of this materia…

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Eap 1034

Preserving Traditional Buryat Book Culture

The Tibetan collections at the Centre of Oriental Manuscripts and Xylographs (Russian Academy of Sciences) and Aga Buddhist monastery are two of the largest in the world. Thes…

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Eap 1017

Manuscripts and Archival Documents of Russian Old Believers Skrytniks (Escapists) in the Russian Academy of Sciences Library

The Skrytniks were a social group of Old Believers in opposition to the Russian government. This community was rarely in contact with the outside world, and little was known a…

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Eap 990

Complex archeographic research of old believers communities in Kostroma region: search, digitization and archiving of early Cyrillic books and manuscripts

The Cyrillic books and manuscripts of Old Believers in the Kostroma region capture tradition and spiritual culture of the Russian Middle Ages and Modern Time. The digitisation…

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Preservation of the Ruins of the Late 18th-Century Church of the Nativity in Krohkino

This project supports a suite of interventions to strengthen the banks and foundation of the former church.

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Revival of The Mosque of Moqbil

This project will see the restoration of a traditional rock-salt mosque in the old fortified city of Shali, Egypt. Environmental Quality International will employ and supervis…

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