Documenting and analysing Uncunwee (Ghulfan) - an endangered Sudanese language

The Endangered Language Documentation Programme (ELDP) provides grants worldwide to for the linguistic documentation of endangered language and knowledge. Grantees create multimedia collection of endangered languages. These collections are preserved and made freely available through the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR) housed at the library of SOAS University of London.

This project works to describe and document Uncunwee, an endangered and underdescribed dialect of the Kordofan Nubian dialect cluster, primarily spoken in an area south of the town of Dilling in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. We are gathering lexical, sentential, narrative and conversational data, and are also recording songs, dances and other rituals. In the area of description, various team members are now working on an Uncunwee grammar, dictionary, and a monograph focusing on the differences between Uncunwee and the other Ajang dialects of the Kordofan Nubian cluster. In addition, we are working with Uncu community members in the development of an Uncunwee orthography and in other language maintenance projects.The Uncunwee Documentation Project began by working with a group of Uncu refugees in Cairo, Egypt. Now with the generous aid of the HRELP, we have been able to carry out field work in the Nuba Mountains and in Khartoum during the past two years. The project is also supported by the American University in Cairo and the Linguistics Department at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Visit the Uncunwee Documentation Project website

Project archive deposit:

Material from the project is available here Primary investigator: Robert Williams

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Location: Sudan, Northern Africa, Africa Organiser(s): Endangered Languages Documentation Programme Project partner(s): The American University in Cairo Funder(s): Arcadia Funding received: £82,679.00 Commencement Date: 01/2004
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