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Whiting Foundation

The Whiting Foundation provides targeted support for writers, scholars, and the stewards of humanity’s shared cultural heritage.

We believe their work deepens the human experience and broadens individual perspective. Whiting is proud to help make a place in the world for these important contributions to art and understanding.

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Whiting Foundation Projects

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Prototyping a Digital Library of the Middle East

The DLME is an ambitious project to connect the digital repositories of Middle Eastern cultural heritage currently siloed around the globe by creating a central portal empower…

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Modern Endangered Archives Programme

To establish a grants programme that funds projects to digitize and make accessible at-risk archival materials from the 20th and 21st centuries. The digitized materials are av…

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Digitizing Greek Orthodox Manuscript Collections in Syria

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library will support the Antiochian (Greek) Orthodox Church in Syria in preserving more than a thousand secular and religious manuscripts housed i…

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Planning a More Inclusive and Sustainable World Digital Library

The World Digital Library is a collaboration of over 160 libraries from 75 countries providing open access to world cultural heritage. Partners in Europe, North America, East …

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An Emergency Assessment and Digital Preservation Initiative for Mosul’s Textual Collections and Repositories

As part of the ongoing recovery effort in Mosul, ASOR-CHI and partners will train and equip Iraqi heritage professionals at Mosul University to digitize significant manuscript…

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Honing the Skills of Iraqi Cultural Heritage Managers

This project will provide four Iraqi cultural heritage managers with training in strategic planning or fundraising at the Heritage Management Organization in Athens, Greece, t…

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Documenting and Publishing Iraqi Museum Collections

In response to urgent requests from colleagues at museums in the Middle East, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Columbia University are engaged in a multi-year effort to equi…

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