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The Institute for Heritage and Sustainable Human Development (INHERIT)

Inherit is a heritage organisation with a difference. Our primary concern is social need. Our purpose is to demonstrate how people can work with heritage to improve their lives and living conditions. Heritage has great potential in this context, but there is a gap between recognition of that potential and its realisation in practice. We intend to address this gap.

Our priority is to use heritage to improve human welfare, address injustice and promote sustainable relationships between people and nature. We aim to help put cultural heritage at the heart of sustainable human development. We aim to help put development at the heart of the way people engage with their heritage. Our approach is radical and creative, because things need to be done differently in order to bring about change in society. We believe that success depends on analysis and action progressing hand-in-hand. It also depends on effective co-operation.

We have the knowledge, experience and capacity to combine high-level research, with practical know-how and strategic insight into policy and its implementation. We are committed educators with a rich and varied background in higher, adult and community education. We work internationally and have a capacity for enabling the exchange of ideas and evidence. We are recognised for our capacity for innovative research, strategy development and high-quality advice.

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The Institute for Heritage and Sustainable Human Development (INHERIT) Projects


Cultural Corridors of Peace

This project will collect, archive and share the traditional skills and living memory of the Bedouins of Bekaa in Lebanon. The Bedouin are a group of nomadic peoples who have …

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