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Petra National Trust

The Petra National Trust was established in 1989 to protect and preserve the archaeology, history, culture and nature of Petra and its region.

We achieve our mission through preservation projects, advocacy and an innovative cultural education and awareness program with public school students ages 7-18 and teachers. This program builds awareness of the value of culture and heritage to the daily lives of local communities, instills pride among youth in their heritage, encourages creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneurship among our young participants and builds a new generation of cultural leaders among local communities who identify with their heritage, are civically engaged and active in their own responsible and sustainable development.We have implemented Education, Outreach and Awareness program and Teacher training programs in the six villages in the Petra region for four years now. And this year 2016, we have expanded our reach nationwide. We are heavily invested to build a new generation of cultural leaders and activists through our education and awareness programs and a unique model to establish engaging heritage clubs in public schools throughout Jordan.

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Petra National Trust Projects

Stonemasonry training scheme 1 1

Syrian Stonemasonry Training Scheme

World Monuments Fund provided a group of Syrian and Jordanian trainees with stonemasonry skills that could be used to repair conflict-affected historic buildings and give the …

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