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INTBAU Grassroots Grants Programme

A small grants programme for local projects that address today’s built environment challenges.

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INTBAU Grassroots Grants Programme Projects

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Sustainable Building Techniques: A Scholarly Exploration of Historical Practices

With funding support from the INTBAU Grassroots Grants Programme, the project will contribute to the long-term sustainability of construction practices, ensuring that local wi…

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Photo 3 One of the design proposals for the roof reconstruction as a Hammer Beam structure 1 rotated

Itinerant Workshop on Traditional Building Techniques

The INTBAU Grassroots Grants Programme will support Boulouki for delivery of the studies, along with the production of the publication for dissemination purposes, contributing…

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Women masons

Upskilling and Training Initiatives for Women Masons

This project will deliver skilling and capacity building of women masons in alternative and sustainable building techniques and collaboration partner gender organisations

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Research project: Load Bearing Walls Made of Alveolated Terracotta Blocks, a Durable Solution for the Future of New Constructions in Belgium

This project aims to research the practical, ecological, and economic advantages of using cellular terracotta blocks in construction, both for load-bearing structures and inte…

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1 Terrachidia

Training Scholarships for Workshops on Documentation and Restoration of Architectural Heritage and Cultural Landscape in the M’hamid and Ich Oases

The project encompasses a series of workshops on architectural documentation and restoration, empowering women’s cooperatives, and a year-round communication campaign for know…

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