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Global Heritage Fund

Transforming Communities by Investing in Cultural Heritage

We have joined World Monuments Fund in a strategic affiliation to protect cultural heritage while working with communities around the world. As global challenges threaten vital sites and connected communities, we believe collective action is vital. Together, we will create a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future for cultural heritage and communities worldwide.

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Global Heritage Fund Projects

Nepal Credit Scott Newman

Patan Durbar Square, Nepal

Patan Durbar Square a World Heritage Site in Kathmandu, Nepal is home to Vishveshvara Temple. The Vishveshvara Temple, built in 1627 was severely damaged. Vishveshvara Temple …

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Daia Credit Global Heritage Fund 2

Daia Village, Romania

The Daia Village project focuses on four main aspects: 1. Restoration of facades; 2. Emergency Repairs; 3. Conservation/replacement of traditional windows; 4. Donation of mate…

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Sagalassos Credit Bruno Vandermeulen 1

Sagalassos, Turkey

Sagalassos is an ancient Hellenistic archaeological site previously lost to time. Re-discovered in 1985, archaeologists have discovered a trove of archaeological finds and a w…

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Pingyao Credit Xiaodang Wang 1

Pingyao, China

Nominated in 1997 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Pingyao has over 4,000 Ming and Qing era courtyards all surrounded by brick-and-stone walls that are over six kilometers …

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Maijishan Credit Maijishan Grotto Art Institute 1

Maijishan, China

The goals of the Maijishan Grottoes project is to Develop a visitor management plan and establish relevant training, document the traditional conservation practices and develo…

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Dali Credit ATLAS Studio

Guizhou, Dali Village, China

Guizhou, is a perfect example of a cultural landscape which combines the tangible and intangible heritages harmoniously. GHF’s work in Guizhou focuses on helping preserve the …

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Gobekli Tepe Credit Nico Becker 4

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey

The work includes creating contact-free access of the archaeological site and erecting a shelter over the structures and excavated features. The shelter is designed with caref…

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Granaries Credit David Goeury 1

Collective Granaries, Morocco

A five-year project in the Souss-Massa Region, Morocco focusing on the conservation of the material and immaterial heritage of Amazigh communities to preserve their natural an…

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Ciudad Perdida Credit Global Heritage Fund 3

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

Ciudad Perdida focused on the design of comprehensive site management plan for Teyuna and the 26 surrounding sites. In partnership with ICANH it included mapping, architectura…

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