Projects in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Murad Khani Revival Kabul 1668 c Turquoise Mountain

Murad Khani Revival, Kabul

Established in the 18th century, the Murad Khani area is one of the few remaining historical neighbourhoods in Kabul.

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Afghanistan 1535 c Aga Khan Cultural Services Afghanistan 2019

Archaeology and Conservation of Bala Hissar Citadel, Kabul

This project will create an archaeological park at the citadel by conducting investigations and documentation, stabilizing the archaeological remains, and setting up education…

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3 Afghanistans intangible heritage c Turquoise Mountain

Disappearing Knowledge: Protecting Afghanistan's Endangered Intangible Heritage

Afghanistan’s cultural practices have been weakened by decades of conflict, with communities displaced and practices disrupted. The project will contribute to the protection o…

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2 Buddhist Stupa c ACHCO 1

Conservation of Buddhist-era Built Heritage

The stupa at Shewaki, 1st-3rd centuries CE, forms part of a religious complex on a route that Buddhist pilgrims took on their way from the Indian lowlands to Bamiyan. This pro…

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1 Minaret of Jam c UNESCO 1

Safeguarding the Minaret and Archaeological Remains of Jam

This project will establish a detailed conservation plan for the site, install a monitoring system, and undertake works on the roof of the Minaret and the inner wooden stairca…

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DGV0003 2 slides

Preserving and Creating Access to a Unique Photo Collection on Afghanistan

From the 1950s to early 2000s, Dr Louis Dupree and his wife Ms Nancy Hatch Dupree captured a photographic series depicting Afghanistan's structural and cultural changes over t…

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P9250243 result

Conservation of Conflict-Damaged Paintings at the Afghan National Gallery

The project assessed the condition of 150 conflict-damaged paintings and works on paper in the collection of the Afghan National Gallery, and evaluated capacity building needs…

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Regeneration of murad khani

The Regeneration of Murad Khani

This project aims to protect heritage and intangible craft skills in Kabul's Old City Murad Khani.

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Preservation of Endangered Languages in Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province

This project aims to preserve endangered Pamiri languages in Afghanistan through the collection of linguistic data, which will be used to develop a multilingual dictionary for…

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