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Eap 1077

Preservation of Tibetan Bonpo Manuscripts in Amdo (Qinghai and Gansu Provinces, PRC)

Compared to Tibetan Buddhism, Bon is still a niche topic of study that is emerging to the attention of an increasing number of scholars. Ngakpa (ritual experts) normally live …

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Eap 927

Digitisation and preservation of rare historical sources of Mongolia written in the 19th and early 20th centuries

Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS) and the National Library of Mongolia hold in their collections 3,000 rare, unpublished manuscripts from the 19th and 20th century. These co…

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Preservation of unique and historic newspapers printed in traditional Mongolian script between 1936-1945

The project digitised 943 editions of combined ARDYN ERKH and UNEN newspapers (the only government and national newspapers in Mongolia) covering periods from January 1936 to D…

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Preserving HUMUN BICHIG newspaper through digitization

"The Humun Bichig newspaper has served as a rare resource written in traditional Mongolian script and contains valued cultural works by prominent Mongolian poets, scholars, sp…

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HEAT project

HEAT - Heritage and Threat

Today’s world contains a host of phenomena and situations endangering objects, sites and practices deemed “heritage” by stakeholders. Yet there is still a dearth of systematic…

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Mongolian Archaeological Project: Surveying the Steppes

To create a database of endangered archaeological heritage in Mongolia using satellite imagery and on the ground survey.

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Conservation of Archeological Objects from the Mid-16th-Century Nan'ao Shipwreck in Guangdong Provincial Museum

This project includes analysis, desalination, cleaning, and conservation of several objects for preservation and display.

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Documentation of the Collections of the National Museum of Mongolia

This project involves the development of a barcode inventory system to improve the museum’s management of the collections.

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Conservation of the Late 19th-Century Leopard Skin Ger of Bogd Khaan

The Leopard Skin Ger was a personal belonging of the last King of Mongolia. This project includes the conservation of the ger's interior and exterior, including the outer leop…

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