South America

Projects in South America

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Conservation of 19th- and Early 20th-Century Mausoleums in La Paz General Cemetery

This project involves the conservation of two mausoleums and community engagement activities.

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Conservation of the Archaeological Collections (4th Century BC to 16th Century AD) at the Archaeological Museum of Jama

This project, which includes conservation activities and the compilation of a comprehensive inventory, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to assist with post-earthqu…

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Preservation of the Ancient Pyramid of the Pre-Columbian Ichma Culture (900-1470 AD) at the Mangomarca Archaeological Site in Lima

This project consists of a suite of preventive conservation activities and supports the treaty between the United States and Peru concerning the looting and illicit traffickin…

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Conservation of the Mid-18th-Century Santa Teresa Convent in Cochabamba, Phase 2

This project, which completes conservation work begun under previous Ambassadors Fund grants, directly supports the U.S. embassy’s efforts to promote sustainable economic deve…

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Conservation of the 15th-Century Inka House at Huánuco Pampa Archaeological Site

This project, which includes stone conservation and graffiti removal, directly supports the Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Peru concerning the impos…

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Conservation of the Early 19th-Century Valongo (Imperatriz) Wharf Archaeological Site in Rio de Janeiro

This project directly supports the Embassy’s Integrated Country Strategy (ICS) Goal 3, advances the U.S.-Brazil Joint Action Plan to Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Discrimination…

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Conservation of the 14th-16th-Century Samaipata Fort Archaeological Site and Associated Collections

This project, which includes site conservation and upgrades to the site museum, directly supports the Embassy's efforts to promote sustainable growth and the Memorandum of Und…

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Conservation of 19th- and 20th-Century Monuments Commemorating the 1819 Battle of Boyaca

This project involves the conservation of two battle monuments, including the first commemorative monument ever erected on the site.

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