Projects in Libya

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Partnership for Heritage: Safeguarding Traditional Architecture and Intangible heritage of Tataouine (Tunisia) and the Nafusa mountains (Libya)

This project will document the rich and varied heritage of the indigenous Imazighen communities living in the Nafusa Mountains (Libya) and in Tataouine, Tunisia.

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EAMENA: Mitigating Conflict and Climate Change Risks Through Digital Heritage, Capacity Building, and Consolidation

This project will build upon the transformative work undertaken by the EAMENA project across the Middle East and North Africa, working with national NGOs and governments to em…

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Eternal Heritage

Dedicated to promoting the role of young people in the protection of heritage in the Middle East, this project includes the realization of an informative and aesthetic publica…

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Risk Reduction Workshops for Libyan Heritage in Times of Crisis

This series of risk reduction workshops supports Libya’s efforts to safeguard its museum collections, archives, historic buildings, and archaeological sites.

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17 Managing Libyas Cultural Heritage c Kings College London

Managing Libya's Cultural Heritage (MaLiCH)

The cities Ghadames, Sabratha, and Leptis Magna are inscribed on the World Heritage List and were placed on the World Heritage in Danger List in 2016. Kings College London is …

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16 National Museum of Tripoli c Mission archeologique francaise de Libye

Rehabilitation of the National Museum of Tripoli

The National Museum of Tripoli is home to one of the most important collections in North Africa and an important reference for the history of Libya, contributing to the reconc…

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Documentation of Maritime Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

To document endangered maritime archaeological heritage in the Middle East and North Africa and to publish the results through an online database.

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Training in Action

This project aims to train 40 staff from Libyan and Tunisian national heritage organisations in documentation techniques, preventative conservation and heritage management.

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