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Eap 1285

Digitising and First Aid to Documentary Heritage of “Manuscripts Collection of the Great Omari Mosque Library” - Phase II

The library of the Great Omari Mosque is one of the most important and oldest national library and archive centres in Palestine. However, it is very vulnerable and at risk due…

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20 Palestininian cultural heritage in the Gaza Strip c Premiere Urgence Internationale

Protection, Preservation and Promotion of Palestinian Cultural Heritage in the Gaza Strip

The Saint Hilarion Monastery is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in the Middle East. This project will renovate the historic buildings for public use and expand local…

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Hebron palestine

Enhancing Vernacular Heritage in As-Samou

This two year project focused on the documentation, conservation and adaptive re-use of vernacular built heritage to address severe conflict damage in As-Samou'

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