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Endangered Archives Programme (EAP)

To establish a grants programme that funds projects to digitise neglected, vulnerable or inaccessible archives from across the world. The digitised materials are available for free online.

The Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) facilitates the digitisation of archives around the world that are in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration. Thanks to generous funding from Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, we have provided grants to more than 400 projects in 90 countries worldwide, in over 100 languages and scripts.

Archive types digitised so far include rare printed sources, manuscripts, visual materials, audio recordings. This continually expanding online collection is available freely through the British Library website and local archival partners, for research, inspiration and enjoyment.

Summaries of individual projects funded by EAP can also be found on the Culture in Crisis portal. These summaries were created from EAP project proposals and final reports. They have been edited for consistency but retain the original language of the applicants and project leads.

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Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) Projects

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Three Precious Cultural Manuscript Collections from the 19th century facing disappearance

The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with Ethnographic Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences holds one of the earliest archives in Southern Europe. It collects hand…

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Documentation and Preservation of Bima Manuscript

The Kingdom of Bima was one of the maritime kingdoms of the Indonesian archipelago. The trace of the kingdom’s history and culture can be found in historical objects and in ma…

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Preservation of the manuscripts of the Jaffna Bishop's house

The documents held at the Jaffna Bishop’s House are unique testimonies of the social and cultural history of the people of Jaffna and of the Christian missions in the pre-inde…

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Jaffna Protestant Digital Archive

The Tamil Protestant community of the Jaffna peninsula has left an indelible mark on Sri Lanka’s modern history. These sources contribute to how we understand ritual, textual,…

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Creating a digital archive of ecclesiastical records in the original seven Villas of Cuba

The Roman Catholic church was the most important social institution in Cuba’s colonial era. Every member of society came under its purview. The documents held in the archives …

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All hands' things: the endangered archives of Tristan da Cunha

In 1961 the volcanic eruption on Tristan da Cunha forced the whole population to evacuate to the UK for two years. There has been no study of the island’s documents and record…

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Representing Self and Family. Preserving Tamil Studio Photography

Family portraits started appearing in Tamil households in the 1880s. The early Tamil commercial studio photographers created their own visual language to represent south India…

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Digitisation of pre-modern Hindu ritual manuscripts from Kathmandu Valley

The family collection of Mr Upendra Bhakta Subedi is exclusively about rites and rituals. Very few households in the Kathmandu Valley have such a specialised collection in the…

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The diplomatic connections of Madagascar between 1861 and 1897

The diplomatic archives of the Merina kingdom have been part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register since 2009. They illustrate the encounter between the precolonial kingd…

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