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Ministry of Culture of Peru

Formulamos y establecemos estrategias de promoción cultural de manera inclusiva y accesible para fortalecer la identidad cultural.

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Ministry of Culture of Peru Projects

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Preservation and Protection of the 5th-7th-Century Nazca Geoglyphs

This project involves a suite of activities to record and conserve the glyphs and to mitigate the risk of damage to the lines.

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Preservation of the Ancient Pyramid of the Pre-Columbian Ichma Culture (900-1470 AD) at the Mangomarca Archaeological Site in Lima

This project consists of a suite of preventive conservation activities and supports the treaty between the United States and Peru concerning the looting and illicit traffickin…

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Conservation of the 15th-Century Inka House at Huánuco Pampa Archaeological Site

This project, which includes stone conservation and graffiti removal, directly supports the Memorandum of Understanding between the United States and Peru concerning the impos…

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