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Ministry of Culture, Colombia (ICANH)

The Ministry of Culture is the guiding entity of the Colombian Cultural sector and its aim is to formulate, coordinate, execute and look after state policy on culture, and recreational matters. It is an organization that acts in good faith, with ethical integrity and observes current norms in benefit of the community and its own civil servants.

The Ministry of Culture will foster a creative Colombia and one that is responsible for its memory, where all citizens are able to interact and cooperate with creative opportunities, enjoyment of cultural expressions, in conditions of equity and respect towards diversity.

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Ministry of Culture, Colombia (ICANH) Projects

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Documentation of Afro-Colombian Burial Traditions in San Juan

This project involves the documentation of the gualĂ­es and alabaos burial traditions.

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Conservation of 19th- and 20th-Century Monuments Commemorating the 1819 Battle of Boyaca

This project involves the conservation of two battle monuments, including the first commemorative monument ever erected on the site.

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