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FUNDAR is the Fundación Nacional de Arqueología de El Salvador (National Foundation of Archaeology of El Salvador), the only non-governmental organization in the country dedicated to the conservation, protection, and investigation of Salvadoran archaeology.

FUNDAR was formally established in 1996 by a group of Salvadoran citizens, with the participation of archaeologists from El Salvador, Guatemala, the United States, and France, who united together with the common goal of contributing to safeguarding, investigating, and disseminating our archaeological heritage.

FUNDAR has carried out several projects in coooperation with the cultural organ of the Salvadoran government. FUNDAR participated through the end of 2009 in the administration, protection, and development for visitors of the following archaeological parks:

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FUNDAR Projects

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Conservation of the Ancient City of Cihuatan, Phase 2

This project builds upon work completed under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant and involves the conservation of two ball courts and three building platforms.

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