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Environmental Quality International (EQI)

EQI was founded in Egypt in 1981 as a private partnership engaged in the delivery of environmental consulting services. Starting with less than ten employees, EQI rapidly acquired the range of professional skills needed to design and implement comprehensive strategies for dealing with environmental challenges. With an in-house team in place made up of social scientists and environmental, management, finance and communication specialists, we expanded to other areas of development, such as governance and enterprise development, gaining expertise in the fields of microfinance, ecotourism, and agriculture. Today, EQI is a full-service company of over 150 employees, who together, address development needs across sectors. Operating primarily in Africa and the Middle East, EQI enjoys an international reputation for quality and innovation, both as a consultant and a direct investor in sustainable development initiatives. Our investments, which are commercial in nature, are structured to bring significant economic gains to the local communities concerned, while preserving the region’s rich natural assets and unique cultural heritage.

Environmental Quality International (EQI) Projects


Revival of The Mosque of Moqbil

This project will see the restoration of a traditional rock-salt mosque in the old fortified city of Shali, Egypt. Environmental Quality International will employ and supervis…

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Restproation og aghormi mosque

Restoration of the Aghormi Mosque by the Residents of Siwa

This project aims to train local community residents to restore the Kershef Mosque in Aghormi, Egypt. These works will safeguard against further deterioration and return the m…

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