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Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities

The principal mission of the Ministry of State for Antiquities, previously known as the Supreme Council of Antiquities, is to protect and promote the cultural heritage of Egypt, both independently and in cooperation with national and international organizations.

To achieve its goals, it formulates and implements all policies concerned with antiquities; issues guidelines and permits for the excavation, restoration, conservation, documentation, and study of sites and monuments; and manages a country-wide system of antiquities museums.

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Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities Projects

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Conservation of the 13th-Century BC Seti I Temple in Abydos

This project involves a suite of conservation interventions to address various forms of deterioration.

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Conservation & Reconstruction of the Offering Scenes in the Tomb of Karakhamun TT223 Project

"The tomb of Karakhamun was rediscovered in 2006. It collapsed, damaged by numerous floods and later occupants and completely disappeared beneath a heap of broken bedrock and …

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