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CSEAS: Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies

CSEAS is home to a new Digital Heritage Documentation Lab that has been set up by Professor R. Michael Feener to facilitate the work of the Maritime Asia Heritage Survey (MAHS).

CSEAS comprises researchers of varied disciplines and nationalities. The humanities and social sciences are the starting point of our endeavor, to learn and study the paths that our predecessors have trodden, and to learn how in the world today we can co-exist with others and with the environment. However, in considering these and emergent issues in the region, the knowledge and methodology of the natural sciences, including the medical sciences, ecological sciences, agronomy, forest sciences etc., is indispensable. What distinguishes and characterizes our Center is that since its founding some of our core members have been scientists whose ideas have resonated with researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Together, they have jointly developed new questions and perspectives in responding to imminent issues in the field.

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CSEAS: Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies Projects

MAHS Kaashidhoo

Maritime Asia Heritage Survey (MAHS)

The Maritime Asia Heritage Survey (MAHS) works to digitally documenting historical and archaeological sites through survey work in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brunei, …

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