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Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda

At CCFU, we define culture as a constantly changing set of values, identities, traditions and aspirations that govern the way we live and relate as individuals, communities and nations. It is central to our well–being and to defining the ideal society we seek.

We believe that the positive aspects of culture can be harnessed to bring about social and economic transformation. The Foundation therefore acts as a catalyst to promote an understanding of development, as seen through “cultural lenses”.

Our mission is to promote the recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to Uganda’s national identity and diversity.

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Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda Projects

4 Spiritual leader performs a mountain cleansing ritual at the Nzwiranja Nyamwamba Mulyambuli river confluence Mountain cleansing rituals are performed to the gods before the planting and harvest seasons or when t 1

Supporting Climate Resilient Heritage in Uganda - Melting Snow and Rivers in Flood

Explores a community-led response, where climate change risks the erasing of belief systems, cultural rites and scared sites alike.

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