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AMALIA (Archivi, Manoscritti e Libri Antichi)

AMALIA is a non-profit association established in 2018 in Turin, Italy. Its name is an acronym of Archivi, Manoscritti e Libri Antichi (Archives, Manuscripts and Ancient Books). The association pursues a double purpose: promoting the knowledge of archive and library heritage, and contributing to its protection and promotion.

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AMALIA (Archivi, Manoscritti e Libri Antichi) Projects

19 Preserving Manuscripts in the Al Aqib Library Timbuktu Mali c Amalia

Preserving Manuscripts in the Al-Aqib Library, Sankoré Mosque of Timbuktu

The Al-Aqib Library at the Sankoré Mosque in Timbuktu holds a unique manuscript collection, which remained in Timbuktu during the armed attacks of 2012. This project will impr…

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