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Action for Hope

Action for Hope was founded to provide cultural development and cultural relief programs that meet the social, cultural, and psychological needs of distressed and displaced communities.

Action for Hope believes in the role of arts and culture in empowering individuals and communities, particularly those in distress. We provide people with access to culture and tools for creative expression to enrich their lives, increase the cultural capital of communities around them, and enable their contribution to our shared humanity.


Action for Hope has a vision of a just and tolerant world, where communities risking social fragmentation because of war, displacement, and extreme poverty use creativity to face and surmount their difficult circumstances.


  1. Integrate cultural activities into the lives of communities that undergo displacement and/or marginalization.
  2. Provide artistically talented young people, children and women living in displaced and/or marginalized communities with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to communicate and document their stories, express themselves freely and creatively, and work professionally in the arts.
  3. Contribute to the diversity of cultural life in the countries where Action for Hope is present through the work and productions of young artists from displaced and marginalized backgrounds.
  4. Contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage of displaced and marginalized communities by highlighting its artistic specificities, and supporting its study and practice.
  5. Lead and stimulate discussions and collaborations among key civil society organizations involved in addressing the challenges that displaced and marginalized communities are facing, and advocate the role the arts could play in addressing these challenges.
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Action for Hope Projects

Instruments Making Program by AFH 2

On the Tracks of Music - Folk Music in the Levant and Mesopotamia

This project will preserve and promote the disappearing traditional folk music and musical instruments of marginalised rural communities, in areas severely affected by conflic…

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IMGL8116 2 495x400

Action for Hope: Music Schools

This project aims to preserve and promote traditional Syrian music and musical instrument making among refugee communities in Lebanon and Jordan.

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