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The Prince Claus Fund is announcing the independence of the Cultural Emergency Response (CER)

The Prince Claus Fund is proud to announce the independence of the Cultural Emergency Response (CER). Cultural Emergency Response was established in 2003 to provide first aid to cultural heritage that is threatened, damaged or destroyed by conflict or disaster. Envisioned to grow and become an independent organisation from its start, CER has established itself as a leader in the culture heritage rescue field and is ready to take the next step as of July 2022.

Marcus Desando, Director of The Prince Claus Fund, says the Fund is proud of what CER has accomplished in the past two decades as one of its programmes

“We recognize that Cultural Emergency Response is ready to evolve further in order to concentrate on the most pressing needs of heritage protection. It will also be able to form new collaborations and accomplish more. We’re happy and excited to see CER establish itself as an independent organisation.”

Both organisations will remain close allies in championing culture as a basic need.

Throughout nearly two decades, Cultural Emergency Response has grown together with its international network. Besides acute emergency response, it saw the need for building capacity on the ground. CER is now offering training in heritage rescue and protection and is establishing regional hubs that can respond quickly when acute rescue is needed.

CER is expanding its work, creating awareness at local and policy levels of the need for emergency preparedness and connecting diverse actors involved in emergency relief. CER's aim is to amplify this work, and make the field of cultural heritage protection more inclusive, driven by local actors and actions.

Sanne Letschert, Director of CER, looks at the future with confidence,

“Now, more than ever, we see the need for Cultural Emergency Response. Building on everything we achieved together with the Prince Claus Fund and our partners, this step enables us to grow our activities, increase our impact and be louder about our approach and the urgency of our work.”

CER highly values the collective power of partnerships, and looks forward to continuing to collaborate with you to protect culture and heritage under threat, now and in the future.

The official launch of Cultural Emergency Response as an independent organisation is celebrated on 13 and 14 October 2022 in Amsterdam, together with the Prince Claus Fund, partners and its international network. More information on CER and the event will follow soon.

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