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Culture In Crisis Online Event: Understanding the Illicit Trade under ISIS in Syria

Join us for an online discussion exploring the illicit trade of cultural property in Syria, under the ISIS regime. From the regulated looting of heritage sites to the systems of trade and management which trafficked archaeological finds out of the country, we explore new evidence which brings to light the precedence, practice and prevalence of these activities.

We welcome two heritage specialists who will share their thoughts and research, considering areas such as; the role of local communities in understanding and preventing looting, international attention and media myths that surround these activities, and their recommendations for a global approach to tackling the illicit trade for good.

- Dr Neil Brodie, Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa, School of Archaeology, Oxford University
- Dr Isber Sabrine, Co-Founder and President, Heritage for Peace
- Laura Searson, Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead, V&A (Host)

Cic 7 June event
  • Venue: Zoom
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