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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Sri Lanka, Conservation and Preservation of the Palm Leaf Manuscript Collection

Heavy rains, humidity, the monsoon season and a severe insect, fungus and rodent infestation have damaged and are threatening the extensive collection of palm leaf manuscripts…

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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Sri Lanka, SSPV Temple Palm Leaf Conservation and Preservation

Emergency preservation and digitization of the Palm Leaf Manuscript collection of the Sri Siddharta Potgul Vihara Temple (SSPV) in Menikhinna, Sri Lanka.

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Conservation of the Collections of the Archaeological Site Museum of Anuradhapura

This project involves the outfitting of suitable storage and display spaces within a recently restored museum building.

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Conservation of Ancient Monuments within the Rajagala Archaeological Reserve in the Ampara District of Eastern Sri Lanka, Phase 2

The reserve includes remains of several ancient buildings and monuments that once formed part of Grikumbhila, a large Buddhist monastery active from its foundation in the 2nd …

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Preservation of Endangered Indigenous Music and Dance Traditions of Sri Lanka

This project involves the documentation of the traditional Kandyan and Kolam dances and associated objects and music.

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Conservation of Archeological Collections at the University of Jaffna Archaeological Museum

The archaeological collection in the University of Jaffna includes important ancient and historic objects from across northern Sri Lanka.

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Documentation of Sri Lanka Portuguese

The Endangered Language Documentation Programme (ELDP) provides grants worldwide to for the linguistic documentation of endangered language and knowledge. Grantees create mult…

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