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Personal Manuscripts on the Periphery of Javanese Literature: A Survey and Digitisation of Private Collections from the Javanese North Coast, its Sundanese Hinterlands and the Fringes of Court

Javanese studies have long been directed by critical editions commissioned by European patrons. The survey and digitisation of texts written for private use allow scholars to …

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EAP1213 Buppha Saramat at National Library of Thailand resized 0

Sounds of Siam Archive: Siamese/Thai 78 rpm Gramophone Records from 1903-1960

In 1903, Fred Gaisberg and George Dillnutt conducted the first Asian recording expedition for the Gramophone Company. The recording represents the beginning of the recording t…

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Fragile palm leaves digitisation initiative

The Fragile Palm Leaf Foundation (FPL) holds hundreds of unknown and unstudied manuscripts and texts. Access to this vast collection would revolutionise the study of Theravāda…

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Eap 1126

A Digital Library of the Lanten Textual Heritage - Phase II

The manuscripts of the Lanten in Laos enable shamans and priests to engage Daoist deities in the rituals to reproduce the Lanten socio-cosmological order. A distinctive qualit…

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Eap 1123

Recalling a Translocal Past: Digitising Thai-Mon palm-leaf manuscripts

The Mons are credited with bringing Buddhism and a written culture to mainland Southeast Asia. The Thai Mon manuscripts represent a gap in the intellectual history of Burma an…

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EAP1029 D Full Team with trainers and owners after trainning

Preservation and digitisation of endangered Sundanese manuscripts of Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal Collections, Kuningan Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia

The manuscripts collection of Paseban Tri Panca Tunggal contain the historical records of Prince Madrais Sadewa Alibassa Kusuma Wijayaningrat, a Sundanese leader in the Dutch…

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Eap 1020

Preserving and Digitising The Endangered Manuscript in Kampar, Riau Province, Indonesia

The manuscripts in Kampar hold the knowledge of the ancient city, central to the trade between Indonesia and the rest of Asia. By preserving the manuscripts, the history of th…

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Eap 1005

Continuing the Digitisation of the Endangered Cham Manuscripts in Vietnam

The Champa kingdom lasted from the 7th Century to 1832, when it became part of Vietnam. Today, there are only 160,000 Cham people. Although their unique culture can still be s…

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Documentation and Preservation of Bima Manuscript

The Kingdom of Bima was one of the maritime kingdoms of the Indonesian archipelago. The trace of the kingdom’s history and culture can be found in historical objects and in ma…

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