Projects in Peru

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19th-century documents from the Peruvian asylum el Manicomio del Cercado

The Victor Larco Herrera Hospital in the centre of Lima, Peru, was closed in 1917. Its archives, dating back to 1859, consist of medical documentation as well as administrativ…

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Preservation of Film Negatives of the Elias del Aguila Collection of the Historical Archive of Centro de la Imagen

Even though he was the favourite photographer of Lima’s middle class, until 2015 Elias el Aguila was practically unknown. Over 7000 photographic negatives of his collection ar…

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Digitisation, preservation and dissemination of parochial books and matrimonial records prior to the establishment of the Civil Registry in Perú

Parochial Books and Matrimonial Records have proved to be important assets when it comes to genealogies, as well as demographic studies, epidemics and migration. The Diocese o…

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The Biblioteca Amazónica: History and Politics between the Forest and City

The city of Iquitos is a cultural, economic, and political center of the Peruvian Amazon. The Biblioteca Amazónica contains invaluable historical documentation and photographs…

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The Peruvian Peasant Confederation Archive (Confederación Campesina del Perú): Rural and Indigenous Society, National Politics, and International Solidarity

Since 1947 the Confederación Campesina del Perú (CCP) has been active in defence of peasants and indigenous people. Their archive documents the organized efforts of rural and …

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Memories from no-man's land: Archives of the Peruvian self-defense militias

The Peruvian armed conflict (1980-2000), ignited by communist rebels of Shining Path, put local communities at risk of both guerrilla attacks and state forces. This project wi…

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GCRF Cultural Heritage Project Hub

The GCRF Cultural Heritage Hub is an interdisciplinary consolidator project coordinated by the University of St Andrews. Led by the main Principal Investigator Dr Richard Bat…

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Preservation and Protection of the 5th-7th-Century Nazca Geoglyphs

This project involves a suite of activities to record and conserve the glyphs and to mitigate the risk of damage to the lines.

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Conservation of 4th-Century BC Astronomical Horizon Markers at Chankillo Archaeological Site

This project includes the conservation of 13 horizon markers and local preservation capacity building.

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