Southern Africa

Projects in Southern Africa

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United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) Church Endangered Archives Pilot Project

The United Congregational Church of Southern Africa was born out of the London Missionary Society in the early 1880s. The Church contributed to the socio-economic development …

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Endangered ethnohistories: preserving and digitising the DF Ellenberger ethnohistorical archive

"History of the Basuto, Ancient and Modern", compiled by the French missionary David-Frédéric Ellenberger during the second half of the nineteenth century, remains the seminal…

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The Photographer who woke up from the Dead - Mohlouoa T. Ramakatane

Throughout his career as a Lesotho portraitist, Mohlouoa T. Ramakatane, collected papers, photographs, and negatives to document his 50+ year career, including his role as off…

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Mapping archaeological heritage in South Asia

To create a database of endangered archaeological heritage in South Asia using satellite imagery and on the ground survey.

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Conservation of the Early 20th-Century Phutadikobo Museum Building in Mochudi

This project involves a suite of activities designed to address structural weaknesses in the early 20th-century building and to make it safe and suitable for storing and displ…

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Conservation of the 20th-Century Liliesleaf Archive Collection in Johannesburg

This project involves the conservation of materials related to the site.

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Conservation of Objects Recovered from the 18th-Century São José Slave Shipwreck in Cape Town

This project involves critical conservation laboratory upgrades and training and mentorship opportunities for archaeology students.

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Documentation of Indigenous African Musical Traditions in South Africa

This project involves the documentation of traditional music and its transcription into standard staff notation for preservation and use.

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Preservation of Photographs and Archaeological Field and Other Records Related to the Pre-Colonial Kingdom of Mapungubwe

This project involves the organization, documentation, and conservation of photographs, field records, and other items in the archive.

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