Projects in Malawi

Meap 1231

Digitisation of Nyasaland District Administration Reports

The Nyasaland District Administration Reports contain the records of the British colonial rule in Malawi. Dated 1891 to 1964, they collect the district’s activities and develo…

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Eap 1167

Safeguarding Colonial Plantation Records of Malawi

Between 1891 and 1964, the British Protectorate of Nyasaland (Malawi) saw the establishment of plantations of tea and tobacco. This marked the transition from rudimentary agri…

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EAP Placeholder

Safeguarding the Endangered Court Records of Malawi, 1891-1964

The judicial system in Malawi started during the pre-colonial times and followed procedures of customary law. The records of traditional courts across the country can be used …

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Preserving Malawi endangered historical District Notebooks: 1891-1964

During the formative years of the colonial administration in Malawi, district notebooks functioned as intermediaries between orality and literacy. British administrators used …

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Digital Heritage Malawi

Digital Heritage Malawi provides a gateway to accessing Malawi’s cultural treasures. The pilot project aims to produce a pathway site for everyone from local to international …

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