Eastern Africa

Projects in Eastern Africa

Kilwa Resize

CVI Africa: Values-based Climate Change Risk Assessment: Piloting the Climate Vulnerability Index for Cultural Heritage in Africa

In many regions of Africa, the risks from climate change to cultural heritage are pronounced. The response to these threats has profound implications for the wider cultural an…

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2019 First Aid to Documentary Heritage Under Threat Conservartecuador Website

Uganda, The Uganda Society Library

The Uganda Society Library, housed in the Uganda Museum in Kampala, preserved the collection by restoring damaged volumes, making the storage facilities safer and digitising t…

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Conservation of the Early 12th-Century Church of Yemrehanna Kristos near Lalibela

This project includes a condition assessment and the development of a conservation strategy for the building.

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US Ambassadors Fund Placeholder

Training in the Conservation of Ethnographic Objects and Traditional Architecture at Nyamata Church in Bugesera District

This project includes training in the conservation of ethnographic objects and traditional architecture for Rwandan stewards.

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Preservation of the 19th-Century Andafiavaratra Palace Museum in Antananarivo

This project involves the restoration of the building’s mud walls (Tamboho) using traditional building methods.

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Documentation of Ndebele Art and Architectural Traditions

This project involves the documentation of Ndebele architectural and other craft traditions.

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Conservation of Late 12th-Century Rock-Hewn Churches at Lalibela

This project, which builds upon work carried out under a previous Ambassadors Fund grant, involves the conservation of the Beta Mika’el and Golgotha churches.

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